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Flat light tunnel with flexible light transmitting tube SF_

Flat light tunnel with flexible light transmitting tube SF_


SF_ - with flexible light transmitting tube
SF_-L - with flexible light transmitting tube and illumination of the attic with natural light. The light tunnel  fitted in the ceiling ensures comfortable use of the room.

Features of the new light tunnel design:

  • Improved heat transfer co-efficient. U-factor is approximately 10% lower when compared to a dome version light tunnels.

  • Integrated flashing makes installation easier and quicker.

The light tunnel consists of: roofing element, flexible light transmitting tube 82 1/2" (2.1m) long, ceiling frame,  prismatic diffuser and installation kit.



  • FLEXIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTING TUBE - The light transmitting tube is made of metallised polyester, additionally reinforced with metal wire. This design produces a robust and flexible light transmitting tube which is ideal for installation over short distances in rooms with structural obstacles that have to be bypassed. The advised maximum flexible tube length is 13.1' (4m) for the 14" (350mm) diameter tube and 19.7' (6m) for the 22" (550mm) diameter tube.

  • ROOFING ELEMENT - This consists of an aluminium frame into which 4mm thick toughened glass is bonded. The light transmitting tube is fitted to the inside profile of the frame. The roofing element is made of aluminium sheet metal or special organic glass (L – version with additional illumination of the attic) and is integrated with the flashing. The entire structure is finished in grey-brown RAL 7022 which matches perfectly all standard colours of roof covering materials.

  • CEILING FRAME - The new ceiling frame is made of organic glass and is equipped with a built-in light diffusing element. The cover is manufactured of high-impact polystyrene in a white opaque color. Ceiling elements of flat light tunnels are more rounded in comparison to light tunnels with a dome.

Cross-section of light tunnel SF_

light_tunnel SF FAKRO



Installation instruction:


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